Monday 11 May 2015

Giants of Sundered Valley

The Giants of the Sundered Valley is the name given to the group of monolothic standing stones located at the base of the Sundered Valley, thought to have been created over 5,000 years ago by the mad mage D'rinoth Vorgant.

D'rinoth was an eccentric hermetic spell-user who lived in the Blackgnarl Woods close to Spire village at the foot of the valley. People who lived in the area recorded the mage's antics, from the time he turned the grass in the area bright pink to when he conjured a demon from the abyssal plane which proceeded to torment Spire with a series of dangerous pranks until some local champions slayed the creature. D'rinoth was, for the most part, quite harmless but the villagers of Spire were split on their opinion about him. Some thought that he was just a crazy kook who meant no harm, while others wanted him gone from the valley, believing him to be a danger to the village and to himself.

One day, a group of villagers who wanted the hermit gone decided to take matters into their own hands and journey the woods to find him and force him to leave. They took weapons and armour with them in case they had to put up a fight, but to their surprise D'rinoth agreed to leave, although quite reluctantly. You see, he was actually a timid man and highly emotional, so when the villagers knocked on his door, armed to the teeth, and told him to leave he just caved to their demands. Upset, he packed his things and left the valley to find pastures new, holing up in a new woods thirty miles away near Sungate city.

Two months after the mage had left, five giants made their way to the Sundered Valley and led an assault on Spire. At first, they demanded payment to prevent them from tearing the place up, but when the village noble, Ellera Windheart, couldn't pay they began to devour their livestock and threatened that if they couldn't come up with the coin they would start eating the children of the village. The villagers had no way of defending against the giants, as they were too strong for even their champions, so Ellera told the group who sent D'rinoth into exile to go and find him and ask him for help. They reluctantly agreed and set off to find him.

Eventually they came across the mage and explained the situation. He agreed to help them as long as they let him live in Blackgnarl woods again. They agreed and soon the mage returned to Spire, much to everyone's delight. He made his way to the giants, who were camping close by. He stepped into the centre of the camp and cast a spell that turned them all to stone. D'rinoth was proclaimed a hero and a feast was put on in his honour before he retired to his formed home in the woods.

500 years on and the spell is breaking. The magic is wearing off and the stone monuments are becoming flesh once more. Who will come to Spire's aid this time?

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