Wednesday 30 December 2015

Create a Cult - Random Table

I don't know about you, but I love having cults in my game. Sure, they're a pretty easy go-to villain, but I love them anyway.

Here's a simple table for creating your own cults.

First Part of the Name (1d6)

1. The Brotherhood of the...
2. The Cult of the...
3. The Shining...
4. The Maddening...
5. The Darkened...
6. The Burning...

Second Part of the Name (1d6)

1. Hand
2. Tempest
3. Serpent
4. Eye
5. Fleshgod
6. Gorger

Leader Title (1d6)

1. The Almighty One
2. The Chosen One
3. The Blessed One
4. The Majestic One
5. The Anointed One
6. The Enlightened One

What Do They Worship? (1d6)

1. Trexxlor, The Banisher - master of pain and domination
2. The Gaping Void - god of infinite
3. Verenshia - Undergoddess of the Black Pit
4. Loom - the mute angel of ancient dimensions
5. G'tol - enlightened being of entropy
6. The Walker of Stars - unknowable and eternal

Where Do they Meet? (1d6)

1. Cavern beneath a guildhouse
2. In a secret palace room
3. In the caves by the ocean
4. In the back room of a tavern
5. In a burned-out citadel
6. In the hollowed out carcass of a dragon

What is their Goal? (1d6)

1. To let their god loose upon the world
2. To ascend to the heavens
3. To bring a plague upon the world
4. For their leader to become an avatar of their god
5. To take control of the throne
6. To rid the world of a certain species of humanoid

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