Tuesday 29 December 2015

Random Howl Encounter Table for Somnium Void

Howl is the homeworld of the Wulfen race - a species of humanoid wolves who have a culture similar to that of ancient Japan. On Howl you will find lush fields, trickling streams, mighty mountains, beautiful cherry blossom trees and large forests.

It is vital that visitors know what dangers lurk on Howl before they get there. The Wulfen are not fond of outsiders and will be reluctant to help - in fact they may be the ones starting the fight in the first place.

Here is a random encounter table for Howl. Further information can be found in the Somnium Void setting book.

Roll 1d10

1. 1d6 Wild Dogs
2. 1d4 Wulfen Brutes
3. 1d6 Gang Foot soldiers
4. 1d6 Engine Eaters
5. 1d6 Great Bats
6.  1d6 Gang Foot soldiers & Gang Leader
7. 1d6 Byzyks
8. 1d3 Kataran Spiders
9. 1d6 Terror Birds
10. Coosk

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