Thursday 24 December 2015

Harvestable Monster Body Parts Table

Damn, that title would make a great album name. There's almost no doubt that at some point in your game the players have wanted to roll up their sleeves, dissect a monster and remove whatever gland is worth 300 platinum.

Below is a random table of monster parts that can be harvested and used, along with their effects and how to prepare them.

Monster Part - roll 1d8

1. Eye
2. Tongue
3. Sweat gland
4. Gallbladder
5. Tooth
6. Heart
7. Lung
8. Brain

Effect - roll 1d8

1. For a day you can see music - you can clearly observe the notes floating through the air in a swirling, colourful vortex before your eyes. You are able to pick out and copy notes straight onto paper.
2. You lapse into a coma for five hours. While you are in the coma your spirit is able to step outside your body and move around as normal, except that nobody aside from the psychically-inclined can see you. You are not able to touch anything and you cannot smell anything either.
3. You are able to speak any language for a day, but you also go blind for the day.
4. You can read someone's thoughts. You can only focus on one person's thoughts at one time. There is a 20% chance that you will be overwhelmed by thoughts and fall unconscious for 2 minutes.
5. You gain the gift of speech eloquence. You are able to easily sway minds for a day.
6. For a week, you gain the ability to see within a body - the muscles, the skeleton and the organs. With this, you can identify any ailments that would be difficult to discern on the surface.
7. You are able to speak telepathically with someone anywhere in the world as long as you focus on their face in your mind's eye. This lasts a day.
8. You gain the ability to affect the weather for a week. This does not include extreme forms of weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.

How to use it - roll 1d6

1. Eat it raw
2. Cooked over an open flame and eaten
3. Dried, crushed into a powder and inhaled
4. Dried, crushed and smoked
5. Broken open to consume the juices on the inside
6. Lick the outside

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