Saturday 10 March 2018

Alternative damage rules for In Darkest Warrens

In Darkest Warrens has a fixed damage system, but for those who like a little more randomness, here's some simple rules.

  • Attacks with a normal weapon or a spell attack does d6 damage
  • Attacks with a magic weapon does d6+2 damage
  • Armour does not provide a bonus to wounds. Instead, it is treated as a separate number. Armour points are ablative, reduced by damage taken. They replenish after combat.
  • Armour: leather - 3 armour points, chain - 6 armour points and plate - 9 armour points. A small shield is 1 armour point and a tower shield is 2 armour points.
  • Increase the wounds of creatures in the bestiary by x4. 

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