Saturday 17 March 2018

The Dead Tower - a short Tequendria adventure

They speak of the tower in hushed tones, as if the structure had ears that would be roused by their words. They call it the Dead Tower, for decay is it's domain and dread its ever-present ally. Rain is always falling on the tower, with its diseased masonry twisted with the agonised faces of lost souls.

Two days ago the Elk Queen's heart was stolen and taken to the Dead Tower. As her life fades, she has instructed her elf tribe to find her a group of champions who would dare venture into the tower and retrieve her heart. Her heart is being used by the child of a legendary evil being to bring his father back to life.

This adventure is suitable for second level adventurers.

Plot hook

Vinsharda the most beautiful of elves seeks out the PCs, hearing of their adventures. She speaks of the Elk Queen's plight and of the mysterious tower. Upon retrieval, the Elk Queen will give them the Harp if Haroon, allowing them to travel unseen for three hours once played.

The Dead Tower

The exterior of the tower is coated in foul things like skulls and femurs. It howls when the wind caresses it.

A centaur called Oryan collects bracken close to the tower. He is unfriendly but enjoys the songs of his people. He speaks of squat beings who chatter and natter while the moon is full, their eyes red like blood. These are a family of gibbelins that haunt the castle. They stole Oryan's locket and he will pay 50 shards for retrieval.

The door is covered in skin and opens with a creak. The air that greets the players is humid and smells of wet leaves.

Ground floor

Bone store: a closet of bones. If disturbed the bones become three guardians of bone. They are guarding a Ether Crown, allowing the wearer to breathe while travelling in the Ether.

Statue of Gargon: a hellish turtle creature carved into stone. A hard wits test reveals this to be Gargon, the legendary beast who was born from a black star and fell to earth as a servant of chaos. Its arm can be twisted to reveal a trap door.

Trap door (secret): a shallow room that smells of stale beer. A yellow chest is down here containing an emerald-hilted longsword (enchanted longsword).

Stairs: Blood streaks up the stairs.

First floor

The ragged tapestries here depict a black sun hanging over the world.

Six gibbelins are devouring a deer carcass. They can be placated with a gift of treasure. Otherwise they attack viciously. One wears Oryan's locket.

Second floor

A warped throne of twisted cartilage is here. The blackened turtle creature Hath sits here, the child of Gargon.

On a plinth in the centre of the room is the beating ruby heart of the Elk Queen. Two gibbelins are cutting open the hulking body of Gargon with a silver blade (worth 100 shards), while another two observe. They will be putting the heart into its chest to return it to life. If this happens, the Elk Queen dies and a weaker Gargon returns.

Hath: attack d8 +2 (claw d6), defence d8+2, hits 4d8, action d8, ego d10, wits d6. Special: as an attack action Hath breathes a 15ft line of fire which does d8 damage. This can be used three times per day.

Gargon the Returned: attack d6 + 4 (claw d6), defence d6+4, hits 3d8, action d6, ego d6, wits d6. Special: Gargon creates a poison aura 5ft around him. Anyone in melee must succeed a medium action test or take 2 damage at the end of their turn.

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