Thursday 1 March 2018

Fortressmaze: the way in

The first poll has run and you've chosen one of the means of entering Fortressmaze.

The stone door, grey and mottled with age, scarred with lightning and licked with moss, stands the height of a typical troll. The door bears the carvings of three large eyes, with slit pupils like those found on a serpent.

When the moon is full the eyes glimmer and shine and begin to search around for anyone who would be attempting entry. Those who attempt to force they way in will be subject to a ray blast for each eye, attacking as an HD3 creature with d8 damage and 13 save. Each eye has AC 11 (8). The eyes can be harmed and if destroyed they become stone once more. If all three are destroyed the doors will open and remain open for an hour while the door gathers its strength.


- scorch marks on the dirt close to the door
- chalk markings on a nearby wall showing moon phases, with a ring around the full moon
- rumours of strange lights some nights from the location of the door

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