Saturday 24 March 2018

Blazing Sands campaign diary #3: the Ivory City

A three week game break can take you out of it, but last night's session was great.
The party arrived in the Ivory City with the Sunriders. Kiri offered them a batch of Seer's Tea to help them make an important decision in the future. She imoressimon them NOT DRINK THE TEA - IT'S POISON. So, yeah, they're clearly going to try and poison someone at some point.

After some asking around (remember, they're trying to find the genie binder before the Black Viper) , they were led into a dingy folk market she often frequented. One of the sellers gave her location as the Hashin district - a deprived area where crime is rampant.

After reaching the district they asked a street urchin to lead then to her, which he obliged. Amir noticed he was looking a little shifty and realised he was likely a pickpocket leading them on a wild goose chase. After threatening the kid, he took them directly to the binder's door before leaving.

Out of the shadows stepped five dark figures. As Amir was the only one to have lived in the Ivory City, he had an inkling these could be the legendary Holy Slayers assassins. The fight was fierce, Younis managing to both trip and blind one of the slayers, while making another attack his friend through a paranoia spell. 

When all were dead, Razeem found a piece of paper on one of the assassins containing descriptions of the party. Someone had hired the slayers to find and kill them. 

The binder wasn't answering the door, so they broke in and found her hiding in a cupboard. She recognised Amir and Razeem and dropped her guard. After they explained she was being sought by the Black Viper and that the lost city of Kafabi was tied to this somehow, she insisted they go to the lost city. She's been training to bind a genie since she escaped the same cult as Amir and Razeem and she believes a powerful one still lives in Kafabi. This followed a great argument in the party about playing into the hands of the Black Viper but in the end they decided it was the right course. 

That night they left the city under the cover of darkness. 

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