Saturday 1 September 2018

Barsoomian archetypes for USR

I love the Barsoom books, so here's some archetypes for your USR game:

Earth Soldier

Earth people are unlike anything else on Mars. Their strength is heightened by the Martian gravity, allowing them to take on a Warhoon in single combat and leap 30ft in the air with ease.

Mighty leap: You can leap huge distances. Make an action test (easy). For every 1 you roll over the target, you can leap 10ft.

Firearms (Action), Battle Cunning (Wits), Acrobatics (Action)

Red Martian Aristocrat

The predominant Martian race, the 'reds' have coppery skin and wear little attire save for jewels and some silks. Aristocrats are close to the ruling Jed of Helium, rich and usually powerful.

Ruling Class: You hold sway due to your status. When attempting to persuade a fellow red martian, you may re-roll and take the highest.

Barsoom cultures (Wits), Persuasive (Ego), Science (Wits)

Thark Warrior

The green-skinned tharks are one of the mighty warrior races on Mars. Their four arms and facial tusks make them an imposing people, but in combat they are a force to be reckoned with.

Deadly Force: You do +1 damage in melee combat.

Thark culture (Wits), War savvy (Wits), Brute strength (Action)

Black Martian Pirate

The Black Martians were the first born on Barsoom, with narrow eyes and polished ebony skin. The pirates pilot great ships, capturing There's and red Martians before enslaving them in the name of their goddess Issus.

Dervish: When using a bladed weapon, you can make a secondary attack at -2.

Piloting (Action), Climbing (Action), Barsoomian knowledge (Wits)

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