Wednesday 12 September 2018

D20 strange dungeon doors

1. A swirling yellow portal taking you to the next room, but all you armour is removed, becomes sentient and attacks.

2. A face on the door that must be kissed by good aligned PCs to open.

3. A door of rancid ogre flesh with a bone handle.

4. A sentient door that must be put to sleep to relax its lock and open.

5. A door with a mouth that must be fed fresh meat every hour otherwise it calls an alarm in another room/level.

6. A door you must make laugh to open (in reality, make the GM laugh).

7. A furry door that if stroked lets off a pheromone that attracts cat people in all adjacent rooms

8. A mirror that you walk inside to find yourself in a backwards version of the previous dungeon (and everything happens backwards - alignments swap)

9. A huge dead toad that contains a staircase beneath it's tongue.

10. A door with six knockers that must be 'played' in order to perform the wizard's favourite song.

11. A door that was once a witch. Entering through it curses the first person to vomit for 1d4 hours.

12. The word DOOR written vertically in chalk sure enough opens somehow.
13. A door of suspended acid that must be neutralised with alkali.

14. A sentient door that must reveal a PC secret in order to unlock.

15. A door that if opened outside reduces Dex to 2. If opened inside Dex is boosted by 5 for an hour.

16. A door with a shaggy dog's head that must be fussed and called a good boy to open (its tail initially bars the other side until it wags)

17. A door formed of 10,000 mouse skulls
18. A demon door that tells a truth and a lie about the next room

19. A clockwork door that unlocks for a minute at the chime of midnight

20. A door that eats the three most valuable items in the party

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