Tuesday 4 September 2018

Toxic fiends of Zzozz swamp

The swamp of Zzozz is the eventual dumping ground for spend potions used by Vincher's College of Wizarding in nearby T'wux. As a result, the swamp water is not only fetid - it's seeped in all kinds of magical garbage, which has somewhat of an adverse effect on local flora and fauna. Here are their stories. Chung chung.

Mutant Skeleton
MR 56
Spite: 2/ Toxic Vom: The skeleton vomits luminous green bile into the eyes of the nearest opponent. The target must succeed a L2SR-DEX or LK or become blinded for 1d3 rounds. While blinded they do not include their adds in attacks.

With its flesh sloughing off its bones, this reanimated body of a lost adventurer loves to chuck up on the things it attacks while screaming in agony.

Ray Bat
MR 68
Spite: 3/ Ultra ray: The bat rears up and fires a red ray from its eyes at a random opponent. They must succeed a L2SR-DEX or LK or be fried for a further 2d6 damage and temporary reduce STR by 2.

These giant yellow bats have rayguns for eyes and mouth full of razor teeth. Their eyes make an authentic 'pew pew' sound.

Rat Mamba
MR 120
Spite: 4/ Heat coil: the rat mamba wraps around a random opponent. They must succeed a L4SR-STR or become squeezed and burnt, taking 4d6 damage and being unable to move for 1d6 rounds.

Created as a large mamba snake was eating it's rodent prey, the rat mamba is everything awful about both creatures plus the ability to increase its body temperature to ridiculous levels. The rat mamba is also a popular dance on the planes of Whelp, but that's a different thing entirely.

Reaping Willow
MR 80
Spite 3/ Terror: The reaping Willow changes its form into that which the observer is most terrified. All who are looking at it must make a successful L3SR-INT or break down into gibbering wrecks for 1d4 rounds. During this time they can only cry and rock back and forth.

Seasons don't fear the reaper, but pretty much every poor sod who comes across one does. The Reaping Willow looks like an ordinary willow, aside from its hidden red eyes on its trunk. It can transform into someone's worst fears - like ogres or taxes.

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