Wednesday 8 September 2010

Black Orcs of Winter's Bite [Blashyrkh]

Marching through the endless frozen tundra, the Black Orcs of Winter's Bite are the maurauders of the white wasteland. As nomads they travel, seeking food and, most importantly, riches. Often Black Orcs descend into the great caves of Urambish where they find fortune or death. Females of the species are granted positions or power within each tribe, such as Chiefsmaiden or Warlord. Males traditionally craft weapons and armour whilst the women head out to seek adventure in the many hidden tunnels of the world.

When they are ten years old, Black Orc children are sent into the Howling Wilds to fend for themselves. If on their 11th birthday they return to their tribe they achieve the position of Warchild.

Black Orc of Winter's Bite Snowtreader

MR 14
Spite damage: 1/1

Snowtreaders are the most common kind of Black Orc. They are trained in scouting and survival in the harsh climate, carrying handaxes in case they are leapt on by a Saberwolf.

Black Orc of Winter's Bite Guard

MR 26
Spite damage: 1/1

Clad in chainmail and grasping an Orcen Scimitar, the Guard is a keen fighter. Snowtreaders are usually promoted to Guard once they have proven that they can handle themselves in a brawl.

Black Orc of Winter's Bite Warlord

MR 60
Spite damage: 1/2
Special attack: 3/Winter's Cry - The Warlord's battleroar is enough to shake even the mightiest of warriors. Delvers within a 20ft radius must make a L2SR on CON. If failed delvers take 1d6 CON and cannot act in their next turn.

Black Orc of Winter's Bite Chiefsmaiden

MR 80
Spite damage: 1/2
Special attack: 4/ Poisoned shot - Chiefsmaidens are famed for lacing their arrows in poison from the deep trees. Those hit by the arrow (roll randomly to determine who if multiple attackers) suffer 2d6 CON damage and 3 CON damage every turn until the end of combat.

Chiefsmaidens and Warlords are masters of combat. While Warlords lead thier troops into battle, Chiefsmaidens stay back and pick off unlucky targets with poisoned arrows.

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