Sunday 19 September 2010

TrollCon UK 2010

TrollCon has been a staple in the T&T calendar over in the States and I've always been jealous of all who attend. However, this year that is to change with the first ever TrollCon in the UK! Woo!

Check out the awesome logo for the event created by T&T art god Jeff Freels. On the Tunnels and Trolls website, fellow Trollhallan Knorrrskk has written a little about what con-goers can expect:

On the evening of the 5th and all day on the 6th November, we will be having a gathering together of Tunnels & Trolls players at the first ever TrollConUK.

All are welcome, and if you'd like to join us we will be at the Menzies Strathallan in Birmingham; easily accessible by bus, train and car, and with plenty of accomodation around. Any of you who have been to the UK Games Expo should be familiar with the place! Because of the cost of the room, at the moment the price is going to be £20 per person, however if we get more than enough people we will lower the cost of admission.

There will be plenty of good freebies, and a few competitions. As well as Tunnels & Trolls there will be the opportunity to play OgreOcre (Ken St Andre's T&T related card game) and Alf Seegert's Bridge Troll board game, and potentially Monsters! Monsters!.

Friday evening will mostly be socialising in the bar, meeting up and playing T&T related games. Saturday will be the con proper, with games running all day in our own room.

Unfortunately it seems that Ken won't be there as far as I know, but it will be a great time nontheless. I'm going to be there, so you should come too.

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