Wednesday 22 September 2010

They've been bitten

After the premiere T&T game with my regular group last week I asked them individually what they thought and I didn't get the response I was expecting. I knew they seemed to enjoy it, but I didn't think that they enjoyed it THAT much. After all, their usual game is 4e D&D, which is a far cry from the mechanics of T&T. However, I was pleasantly suprised when they told me they loved it and 'have to play again soon'. I don't know why I doubted it - it's the best RPG ever, but I didn't know whether it would be their bag, what with the non-tactical combat and the funny spell names. But it looks like they've been bitten by the bug.

What suprised me more is that they liked it that much and it was an adventure that I winged there and then. What will they think when I run a written module by the great T&T trolls? Awesome will ensue.


  1. 4th edition makes it so easy, but hey, a goal is a goal. You're a superstar!

  2. I think that T&T is a great game as long as there is trust between the DM and the players. Most of the rules depend on a DM who does not see the game as some tactical one on one between him and the players.

    It's the same with old school D&D and even Savage Worlds. You couldn't run some Encounter Series with these rules systems.