Monday 13 September 2010

My TV has an MR of 20

Augmented reality uses technology to merge real-life with a digital fantasy, such as using an iphone to shoot down helicopters in your living room. I'm a big fan of AE, I even wrote an article about it a while back. So I was thinking about how we could augment reality another way, without the need for fancy gizmos. Then I thought of a fun but somewhat stupid idea. Give everything around you T&T stats!

That vase over there. It's has an MR of 6 since it'sso fragile. However your house could have an MR of 350. Want to use something as a weapon in a hypothetical duel? My Gibson SG electric guitar is a 3+5 weapon. Roll some stats up for yourself to get your combat adds and battle things around you to gain experience and level up like you would do in a normal T&T game. You don't like the guy that serves you sandwiches? Give him an MR and battle him.

I dunno, it's just a little fun thing to do to spice up your day if you're bored.

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