Wednesday 15 September 2010

When Aslar became Aslara part 1 [T&T game report]

So today I introduced my regular gaming group to T&T. I wasn't sure if they were really going to get into it since we usually play D&D 4E, which is their preference (I really love it too). But it turned out really well, even though I improvised the whole thing.

The set up was simple enough. The delvers: Aslar the Dwarf warrior, Blue Fairy the, err, Fairy, and Tucan the Ranger, had been living it up in Khazan after a series of profitable delves. Four days in word came from eastern traders that a great dragon had landed in the hills close to the trade route. The government immediately put out a 900 gold reward for anyone who could kill the dragon, so naturally the players jumped at the opportunity, along with an arrogant NPC called Blob.

Off they went to find the dragon, first winding along the main trade road and eventually passing through Kobold Swamp (original, no?) The unlucky dwarf fell foul of a Kobold pit and had to be helped up with a bit of hemp rope (an introduction to saving rolls) before continueing, only to be stopped by a group of spear and sword weilding Kobolds (didn't see that coming did you?). After failing to convince the Kobolds that they were going to help the dragon (using their knowledge of the D&D kobolds who serve dragons, which is rubbish in my world) they were attacked. The creates were swiftly vanquished and the party headed deeper into the swamp, all the while Blob proclaiming that he killed the Kobolds single-handedly.

Eventually the group came upon five leprechauns who were sitting in a circle chanting. Blue Fairy fluttered up to them and cheerfully said, 'Hi'. The leprechauns seemed rather friendly and using my best Irish accent I told the players that they were just raising a demon because, well, it's Tuesday. The delvers didn't like this at all so attacked the leprechauns (each one named after a character in The Big Bang Theory). Blue Fairy, excited about all the spells he could use, struck one with a Hold That Pose as it was chanting to summon the demon. The leader was the first to fall but the second round saw a Demond (lesser-demon) pop into existence. I told the players that this was a very powerful foe and that they needed to try and be creative to overcome it. Aslar flung campfire embers into its eyes, sending smoke billowing around it, boscuring its vision. Then Tucan threw his chakram into the Demond's eyes before Blue cast a spell to kick up dust around the remaining leprechauns. After that they ran like hell.

To be continued...

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  1. Cool session report. I love the line, "using my best Irish accent I told the players that they were just raising a demon because, well, it's Tuesday."