Thursday 31 March 2011

3 easy ways to spice up your game

Is your RPG getting stale and you want to breathe some life into it? Don't worry, this happens to just about every GM ever in history. There are easy ways to spice up your RPG with minimal effort.

1. Images

A picture paints a thousand words, so help your players visualise the world you have created with a few choice pictures. Not only will this give them a clearer idea of what their characters experiece, it also helps you since you don't have to write massive descriptions of towns, monsters or NPCs. Paizo's Friends and Foes cards work a treat for showing the players your cool NPCs.

2. Player Rewards

While experience points and money are great incentives to keep your players going, you can easily spice up your game with some nifty rewards. In Dungeons and Dragons +2 tokens work well, which can be handed out to use on anything in a single encounter. You could reward players for daring stunts or great roleplay, but you can also go a little further and give them a reward for writing a short poem about their characters or drawing a picture of the main villian in your campaign. These types of activity keep the players engaged with the story and give them a laugh at the same time.

3. Player Competition

There's nothing healthier than a bit of competition, so why not make a session into one for the players? Since they're so used to working as a group, pitting them against each other in some sort of sporting event or trial will get them thinking more about their characters and provide a change of pace in the game.

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