Sunday 27 March 2011

T&T Character Type: Wytchfinder

Wytchfinders are feared across the land for their stone cold determination to rid the world of all witches by any means necessary. Wytchfinders are well versed in religious lore and are able to easily identify a witch when they come across one. Wytchfinders usually wield crossbows tipped with a special poison they brew especially to affect witches.

Prerequisites: 13+ DEX, 13+ INT

Prime Attributes:

Recommended Talents: Sense Magic (INT), Crossbow ace (DEX), Religious knowledge (INT), Intimidation (ST), Witch stories (INT)

Special Abilities:

Identify Witch: The Wytchfinder is able to instantly recognise if anyone is a witch* on a L1-SR vs INT.

Witch Poison:
Wytchfinders can brew a potent poison that affects witches. It takes three hours to create the poison with 10gp worth of ingredients, which is applied to the Wytchfinder's weapon (usually a crossbow bolt). The poison lasts 24 hours before it dries up and loses its affect. If a witch is hit by the poisoned weapon they receive damage equal to half the Wytchfinder's INT rounded down.

* the term witch applies to any evil female magic user.


  1. Is there a branch-off into Monster Hunter or Exorcist?

  2. Sorceress' are pretty common in the game, and usually pretty powerful. I would be surprised if this character lived long depending on your campaign. Demon Hunter however...