Sunday, 27 March 2011

T&T Character Type: Burglar

Burgling is an art form for those who practise it, and breaking into buildings and stealing things are what Burglars to best. Burglars sneak in the shadows and often disguise themselves to get where they need to be and take what they want to take. Hobbs generally make good Burglars due to their high DX.

Specialist (Must roll triples on DEX)

Prerequisite: 13+ INT

Prime Attributes:

Recommended Talents:
Pickpocket (DX), Stealth (DX), Persuade (CHA), Distract (INT), Con artist (CHA), Eye for detail (INT)

Special Abilities:

Disguise: Burglars are able to disguise themselves as other people of their size and approximate weight. To pull off the disguise the Burglar must pass a L1-SR vs INT. If the disguised Burglar is inspected closely she must make a L1-SR vs LK or be discovered. Disguises last for hours equal to the Burglars INT score before they have to be re-applied with the correct materials (rubber mask, hair dye etc) which costs 40gp to buy.

Burglars have the tools and the know how to pick locks. All locks require a L1-SR vs DX to pick regardless of their complexity.