Saturday 26 March 2011

New Tunnels and Trolls Character Type: Wildfarer

Wildfarers are people of nature, often taking up residence in vast forests away from modern civilisation. They have mastered the art of communicating with the animals and even plants around them and can draw out nature's energy to use magic. It is unlikely that a Wildfarer will have come across many people in their lives so they are usually insular and unsociable, but always willing to help if it's for a good cause.

Prerequisites: 11+ INT and WIZ

Prime Attributes: INT/WIZ/CHA/DX


Level 1 – Natural Empathy (CHA) – Wildfarers are able to 'listen' to nature to gather information.
Level 2 – Player's choice
Level 3 – Nature's Healing (INT) – Wildfarers can use seemingly mundane plants to concoct healing salves.
Level 4 – Player's choice
Level 5 – Wilderness Walk (INT) – Wildfarers' experience of the woods mean that they can rarely ever get lost in them.
Level 6 + - Player's choice

Special Abilities:

Animal Companion:
Wildfarers may choose one animal companion at first level from below that affect the Wildfarer's SRs.

Bird – MR 6 (+1 to DX Saving Rolls)
Mouse MR 5 (+2 to CON Saving Rolls)
Lizard MR 6 (+1 to LK Saving Rolls)
Wolf MR 8 (-1 CHA Saving Rolls, +1 SP Saving Rolls)
Monkey MR 6 (+1 INT Saving Rolls)

Animal companions level at the same time as the Wildfarer, giving them a +2 to their MR. If the animal companion dies it can be brought back to life by the Wildfarer reducing their CON and WIZ to 1, which transfers her energy to the animal companion. This ability can only be used with an animal companion. The Wildfarer may only ever have one animal companion.

Communicate with Animal Companion: Wildfarers are able to communicate emotion with their companion. Both the Wildfarer and the companion are able to feel the emotions of the other no matter how far apart they are. However this does not work if they are on separate planes of existence.

Gunne Restriction:
Wildfarers are opposed to gunnes and will never use them.

Wildfarer Magic: Wildfarers are able to use a limited number of natural spells. They automatically learn new spells each level.

Level 1

Sun Palm [Conjuring]
WIZ cost: 2
Range: 10 feet per caster level
Duration: 10 minutes
Power Up? Yes. Double duration for each level increase.
Description: A blazing light shines out of your hand to light up the darkest places.

Vine Trip [Combat]

WIZ cost: 5
Range: Up to 80 feet
Duration: Instantaneous
Power Up? Yes. Double previous damage amount with each level increase.
Description: Lashing vines sprout from the ground doing 2d6 hits on a single target.

Level 4

Healing Spirits [Cosmic]
WIZ cost: 15
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Power Up? No.
Description: Heal target's CON by your INT score.

Too-Bad Toxin [Metabolic]
WIZ cost: 7
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Power Up? No.
Description: Stops the harmful effects of poison, purging the toxin from the target's system. This does not restore any lost CON points, nor does it heal wounds caused by poisoned weapons.

Level 6

Call of the Wild [Combat]

WIZ cost: 30
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 combat round
Power Up? Yes. Double the previous damage with each level increase.
Description: You command the denizens of the wild to join you in battle. Any appropriate animals for the environment will attack up to 4 opponents, doing damage equal to you INT to each.


  1. Neat! I like this - it's a good fill for the wilderness/ranger archetype!

  2. I agree with Ragnarakk. However when do these Wildfarers get new animal companions? Is it every level? Or when the old animal dies? Does this class gain any other special connections with their companions? Like when the animal is tracking, scouting, hunting, or others of this ilk?

    I am not putting you down, because I do like this take on a character race.

  3. @Gamecaster thanks for the feedback. I've made some changes to clarify.

  4. Nice touch. The use of level for the Talents is a bit off in my book. I'd use Attributes scores instead, keeps it from looking like... well you know...