Monday 21 March 2011

Now available - The Forest of the Treelords

Fancy a short Tunnels and Trolls GM adventure for free? Have mine! I've just published The Forest of the Treelords, a short adventure for delvers levels 1-3. You can download the free pdf of buy the book.

Here's the synopsis:

The town of Oakblade is an attraction to a great many adventurers looking to make a name for themselves as well as a sackful of treasure. You see, Oakblade is home to the Darklight Forest, a place of secrets where deadly creatures dwell.

Every year Oakblade hosts an event that adventurers around the region flock to participate in. In the event, brave adventurers must enter Darklight Forest in groups and seek out the Treelords and best them in combat. If the party manages to defeat the Treelords they are granted an extraordinary prize – the Essence of the Wood, an elixir that can reportedly bring the dead back to life. So far, not a single adventurer has returned from the event – is this about to change?

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