Sunday 27 November 2011

3 slottable sigils {4e}

You know how it is. Sometimes you're not sure whether to get rid of your awesome current armour and go with this new hotness you've wrenched from a fireball-trapped chest; after all, it has some nice powers but it might not suit your character as well as the current one. Well, why not just take powers that you like from other armour and slap them on your own using slottable sigils? 

Sigils are usually carved into small stone tablets and applied to armour or weapons. Once slotted they're in there permanently unless a Sigil Removal ritual is performed (see below). Sigils augment your items in different ways, giving them new and interesting abilities and upping their resale value.

Sigil of Inferno
Level 8      Common
This sigil glows red in the shape of a roaring fire and feels hot to the touch.
Wondrous Item          1000gp

Requirement: You must apply to armour. Imbuing the armour with the sigil is permanent.
Property: You gain resist 5 to fire damage.

Sigil of Soul Reaping
Level 13+  Uncommon
Your weapon is encased in a swirling black mist where agonised faces melt in a out of existence. 
Wondrous Item
Lvl 13 +1   5,000gp
Lvl 18 +2   9,300gp
Lvl 23 +3   20,000gp
Lvl 28 +4   40,300gp

Requirement: You must apply to a weapon. Imbuing the weapon with the sigil is permanent
Property: Gain +2 Fortitude
Power (Daily-Necrotic): Minor action. Your weapon devours souls of dead enemies per plus. For each plus regain a healing surge.

Sigil of Frost
Level 10  Common
Your shield frosts over, freezing all who hit it.
Wondrous Item   3,000gp

Requirement: You must apply to a shield. Imbuing the shield with the sigil is permanent.
Property: Gain resist 5 cold damage.
Power (Daily-Cold): Immediate reaction. When an enemy attack against you misses, the enemy becomes immobilised (save ends).

Sigil Removal

Level 15   Component Cost: 700gp
Category: Arcane  Market Price: 1,400gp
Time: 5 minutes  Key Skill: Arcana

You remove a sigil from an item. The item loses all the sigil's properties and powers. If you have a stone tablet you may transfer the sigil to it, which returns the sigil to its original form.


  1. Cool idea. This is similar to the way items work in the Dragon Age video game, correct? I like the idea of sigils to "power up" your armor (or weapons or neck slot items) as a way to let a PC keep an item that has a backstory throughout the campaign. No reason sigils couldn't be a +1 sigil, a +2 sigil, etc, right?

  2. @onlinedm Yeah it is. It's now a typical action RPG trope, probably popularised in the Diablo games. There's no reason why you can't have a +1 sigil, but I think adding a little bit more to it such as properties and powers makes it that more interesting.