Sunday 20 November 2011

Some cool armour for T&T {Items}

Darkwarp Helm
This steel helm is imbued with an ancient magic that allows the wearer to teleport to any location they have previously been to. 
Worth: 9000 gold pieces
Hits: 3
Wiz cost: 10
Effect: If the wearer spends 10 wiz, they may teleport to any location they have visited in the last year.

Trollskin Bracers
These bracers were expertly crafted from the hide of Hill Trolls.
Worth: 1000 gold pieces
Hits: 3 per bracer

Frostbite Jerkin
Enchanted by the Ice Wizards of the Ka'Zzagh Mountains, this jerkin has the power to freeze those who attack its wearer.
Worth: 2000 gold pieces
Hits: 5
Effect: If attacked in melee, there is a 2/6 chance the attacker will freeze for 1d6 rounds. When frozen, the attacker cannot make any actions.

Lighteningblast Gloves
Imbued with the power of lightening by the God-wizard Grundora
Worth: 800 gold pieces
Hits: 2 per glove
Effect: When in hand-to-hand combat, the wearer has a 5/6 chance to electrocute the opponent, doing an extra 1d6 CON damage and paralyzing them for one round. When paralyzed, the target cannot make any actions.

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  1. I like that jerkin! Especially those "Ice Wizards of the Ka'Zzagh Mountains". They sound like adventure!