Tuesday 1 November 2011

It Came from Beyond the Stars! submitted {T&T}

Phew! I've just submitted my first Trollish Delver Games T&T adventure to the publisher. It's called It Came from Beyond the Stars and it's designed to be played in one evening session.

The story is that a strange object has fallen out of the sky into a forbidden part of the Kingdom where the urooks make their home. Sensing that the object may be worth something, the King orders a group of guards to go and retrieve the object from the forbidden Greyshades. When they don't return, the King puts an advert out for delvers to go and find out what happened to the guards and to fulfil their initial mission.

What happened to the guards? Why are the animals near the impact crater acting strangely?


  1. You know you're old when every scenario you hear reminds you of another scenario that's already been published. Anyway, I won't mention the reminded-of-scenario-that's-been-published.

    But I will inquire: who is the would-be publisher? Or is that a secret? Too, is this a mini-solo or a full-length solo. How many numbered sections?

    Lastly, it doesn't have any ... attempts at comedy in it, does it (the bane of most T&T solos)?

  2. @Soren Originality is a bitch, but I hope that I've made the characters and events at least a little bit original.

    It's going to be published by Peryton Publishing and it's a GM adventure.

    I tend to go for very subtle humour, so not really. I too am not a fan of flat-out comedy scenarios. In fact, this one has more of a horror bent to it.

  3. I see. When I hear T&T I immediately think "solo adventure." I may have to give this one a look then. Good luck with it.

  4. Sounds like how Pery and I got married.

  5. @Tom K You got married when something came from the sky and started corrupting things? Must've been a weird reception.