Saturday 26 November 2011

Hardcore D&D items {4e}

I can't believe I'm so late to the game. There's something that's been floating in my periphery for some time now and it's only just recently occurred to me to check it out. What the hell am I talking about? Well, Fourthcore, of course.

Most of you reading this will have more than likely heard of Fourthcore, the 'revamp'of 4e that ups the challenge of the game in true AD&D form. Puzzles are frequent, traps deadly and encounters sophisticated. Personally, I fell in love with it as soon I started reading Save Versus Death.

One of the aspects of Fourthcore that really inspired me was the items. Gone are the days of +1 Magic Bow (yawn), as we now live in the Fourthcore age, a time when items have multiple powers that now only change the encounter, but can change the course of a narrative as well. In my eyes, these items are far more interesting than one that just allows you to regain a healing surge, or lets you teleport 5 squares. So, using that inspiration, I've had a go at creating a few of my own items in this style.

Mask of the Eight Moons
Level 17 Rare
This ornate bone mask is imbued with the magic of the Eight Moons of Anthara, allowing the wearer to see their opponent's strengths and weaknesses and use them to her advantage.

Item Slot: Head          30,000gp
Property: You know the immunities and vulnerabilities of any creature within line of sight.
Power (Daily - Psychic): Minor Action. All damage you deal this encounter is the damage type equivalent to the vulnerabilities of every enemy in the encounter. For 1d4 hours after the encounter you gain these vulnerabilities.

Tome of Demon Pact
Level 15 Rare
The pages within this flesh-bound book whisper of a demonic entity that can be summoned into battle.

Wondrous Item        19,000gp
Power (Daily-Arcane): Standard Action. You make a summoning pact with a demon creature (party level + 5) who appears in an adjacent square. The demon fights for you and is considered an ally in battle. At the end of the encounter any PC that was bloodied in the encounter must make a saving throw. If failed, the demon will return to claim their soul in 1d6 weeks, killing the PC.

Potion of Necrotic Sight
Level 8+ Uncommon
The hollowed out bone vial contains a swirling green liquid that gives the power to sense the presence of undead creatures.


Lvl 8   +1 120gp
Lvl 13 +2 390gp
Lvl 18 +3 1,600gp
Lvl 23 +4 3,200gp
Power (Consumable): Minor Action. You can see any creatures with the undead keyword within 10 squares per plus. When not in line of sight, the creatures appear as green silhouettes of their size and shape.

Pendant of Bear Form
Level 14 Rare
The golden pendant is carved with the figure of a Dire Bear. A low hum emits from the carving. 

Item Slot: Neck     30,000gp
Power (Daily): Minor Action. You become a Dire Bear until the end of your next turn. You may not use any powers. Gain Bear Rage (Aura 2) - Any enemy within the aura takes 2d10 + 5 damage and is knocked prone. Once you have regained your normal form you must eat at least 1lb of meat per hour for 1d4 hours. If you miss one hour or more then you are considered an enemy in combat for 1d4 days.


  1. Wow, those Items are cool. And pretty useful also for standard D&D campaign.s They give a great inspiration if you are searching for item properties that are really different from the standard stuff.

  2. @Jan Glad you like them. Yeah, I really like the approach of adding more than just 'dazed (save ends)' to an item. It should have a bit more life than that.