Wednesday 11 April 2012

Blogger plays USR during lunch break, is killed by ghoul {USR}

There are few things better than hearing that people are actually playing your game, but seeing a full play report is too awesome. Danjou's Hand at Tabletop Diversions decided to run a solo game of USR during his lunch break and write up his experiences along with a review of the system.

Hands actually wanted to run a game of D&D, but he couldn't find the character sheet he needed, so he cracked out a copy of USR and got down to some high-fantasy hijinks. It's great to see that he had a good time and gave a really great review (even though his character met his end in just 20 minutes). More of this sort of thing!

I'm writing up a GM's guide to USR with guidelines on how to run a game and create your own monsters, but as this blogger shows, it's really easy just to create a creature on the spot or snag an existing one, like the D&D ghoul, to convert.

Get your copy of USR free - it's got brand spanking new illustrations in it! 


  1. Thanks for the link! I look forward your GM guide. Keep an eye out for the write up of the skirmish game in the next couple of days.

    1. No worries - you talk about my game and you're sure to get a link out of it ;)

      Really looking forward to the skirmish write-up!