Saturday 7 April 2012

Solo adventures don't have to be lonely {T&T}

Currently I'm working on the mega-solo I have planned for release this year. While I'm writing it I'm having a lot of thoughts about how we commonly approach solitaire adventures for T&T with a view to give the player a different yet familiar experience.

Typically a T&T solo has one protagonist (the player), an aim and usually some NPCs. Much of the time they take place inside a dungeon, like in Deathtrap Equaliser or Depths of the Devilmancer where you're essentially going from room to room killing things and taking their loot. The munchkin playstyle works well for T&T due to its tongue-in-cheek feel and simple combat mechanics. However, more often than not the adventures contain no notable NPCs that journey and form a bond with the player. While solitaire adventures are made just for those times when you can't get a group together, there's no reason why the book can't make it feel like there are other players in the game. This is what I'm trying to accomplish in my upcoming solo.

Basically, there are two major story arcs to the solo depending on your actions at the beginning of the game. Each route will 'assign' a notable NPC or two to travel with the player, developing their stories and personalities as the story unfolds. Sometimes it's nice to speak to an NPC, rather than just killing everything in your path.

What do you think? Do you prefer the 'lone wolf' aspect of solos or would you like some characters to bond with?


  1. A NPC or two can make my playing experience richer. By all means-DO IT!