Sunday 12 August 2012

BBC Airs Extended Merlin Season 5 Trailer

Is that Mordred I spy?


  1. Where did you think you saw Mordred?

    My only hope is that (as this is probably the final season, boo!) they don't race through the Arthurian Age to The Battle Of Camlann for the last episode.

    1. At the beginning in the cloak - maybe I'm wrong though, but it's confirmed that Mordred's back.

      I hear that apparently there will be one more season after this, but I'm with you - I hope they pace it well.

    2. That's excellent news - for a long time they were saying "five and out". Two more seasons would be fantastic.

      You know you could be right about Mordred - I think the first (lone) cloaked figure we see is the old man whose talking, whose face we see later.

      However, when there's the shot of the three cloaked figures, I wonder if the middle (kneeling) figure is Mordred. Even though he's on the ground anyway, I'm sure he looks shorter than the others.

    3. Yeah, there's a bit more about it here

      I think Morded's probably the middle dude. He should probably be about 17/18 by now I reckon.

    4. Very exciting news. Let's hope the fans lap up season five (and no reason they shouldn't) and we get a sixth. Thanks for this info.