Sunday 5 August 2012

Rick Remender Taking Over Captain America

Marvel have been releasing teasers over on iFanboy giving hints about which writers will be taking over titles such as Captain America and Deadpool when Marvel NOW hits stores later this year.

The latest teaser tells us that Ed Brubaker will be replaced by Rick Remender, known for his recent work on Venom and Secret Avengers.

John Romita Jr will also be taking over art detail this November, his first time on the title since Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America in 2007.

Previous teasers include Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley on Fantastic Four, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic on Thor and Kieron Gillan and Greg Land on Invincible Iron Man.

This shake-up of creative teams should provide some interesting results, but fan favourite Brubaker will likely be missed on one of Marvel's flagship titles.

Source: CBR

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