Thursday 9 August 2012

Monte Cook Kickstarts Sci Fantasy Set 1 Billion Years in the Future

High profile RPG designer Monte Cook has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Numenera, a game set a billion years in the future.

Cook, who quit the R&D team of D&D Next earlier this year, has already surpassed his goal of $20,000 for this science fantasy epic that has a focus on story over mechanics.

The Kickstarter page reads:

"Numenera is set a billion years in the future. Civilizations have risen and fallen on Earth. Even though the current inhabitants live at about a Medieval level of technology, the leftover remnants of these advanced societies lie all around them. Some of these are extremely helpful: advanced tools, valuable means of communication and learning, transportation, defenses, and weapons. Others are dangerous: genetically altered monstrosities, flesh-warping radiation, creatures transplanted from distant stars, and clouds of out-of-control nanobots, just to name a few. This setting, called the Ninth World, provides all manner of opportunities and challenges to those that call it home.
The game system that drives Numenera is meant to be fast-moving and simple, so that it facilitates the stories the group wants to create, the imaginative places and creatures the GM needs to describe, and the mind-blowing ideas the world encourages. Everything in the game is designed with these goals in mind." 

Donating $60 will land you the hard back core rules as well as a PDF of the core book and Player's Guide, while higher amounts could net you your own character in the setting, an article about you written by Monte Cook and even a physical gaming session with the man himself.

Cook's current goal is to have the books in print by July 2013.


  1. How cool would it be to have Monte run his own game for you?! Wow. I'm a big fan of his, from all his D20 work (of course), to some of his other projects. I'm glad he went with this instead of the next iteration of The Game. Much more worthwhile endeavor.

    1. It would be absolutely amazing, though I'm not sure I can spare the $20,000 for the honour.