Monday 6 August 2012

T&T Solos Rapscallion and Sideshow Hit DriveThruRPG

Tavernmaster Games have released two new solo adventures for Tunnels and Trolls, Rapscallion and Sideshow.

Rapscallion, by Sid Orpin, that has you play as a rogue who is saved from death by the god of rogues, Ylsenor and forced to entertain the great Dissembler in order to prove you are worthy. There are very few rogue-based solo adventures, so this one should be interesting.

The second adventure, Sideshow, penned by Andy Holmes, is a mini solo adventure for 5th edition, although it can be scaled up. In it, your adventurer comes across a range of colourful tents at the quiet part of town where things may not be all as they seem.

Tunnels and Trolls continues to enjoy a frequent release of material and with the new Deluxe edition on the horizon, hopefully there will be even more interest in this amazing game.

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