Wednesday 6 February 2013

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls funds at a massive $125,440

Yesterday the Kickstarter for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls reached its end, managing to score a whopping $125,440 - almost $100,000 over the stated goal.

In the last few days stretch goals were being set up and severely smashed as the unstoppable freight train this project has proven to be finally came to an end. On top of their original pledge incentive, many funder will also be receiving a bucket-load of extras, including a compendium of Sorcerer's Apprentice GM and solo adventures, temporary tattoos, a pdf GM screen, a facsimile copy of the rare 1st edition, a T&T pencil and much more. Seriously, Rick's team has been really generous.

Earlier in the week artist Liz Danforth released some awesome preliminary cover art and it looks great. Unfortunately, Liz badly burned her hand and she won't be able to use it for several weeks. The Trollish Delver wishes you a speedy recovery, Liz.

Now we've just got to wait until the summer to see the game in all its glory. So excited!

Image by Liz Danforth


  1. Ah, hope she recovers well! Terrible piece of news :(

  2. Get well Liz. I wished they established the rewards earlier. Every other day it seems like it kept changing.

  3. Naming no names, some doubted we could reach $26,000. :) We kept adding rewards because we could hardly keep up with how fast (as Scott says here) they would be set up and knocked down!

    Thank you for the kind words of concern. I am starting to work at the art table again -- that is something that may come and go over the next several weeks. Things are progressing "as expected" according to the doc and her burn specialist but all burns are very individual. By all accounts, regardless of the road between, I'll be back to par in good working order when it is all over. :)