Friday 15 February 2013

Step through The Secret Door

Myst has always been one of my favourite games. For those who remember, Myst was an adventure game where you, the stranger, land in a bizarre world where people teleport to new locations via books. Looking at The Secret Door, a new doohicky created by Safestyle utilising the Google Indoor Maps API, I get a rather Myst-y vibe.

Essentially, clicking the door knocker on the top left will send you to a new place in the world, whether that be an antiques shop, an arcade or a sauna. You can explore each location, complete with transition effects very similar to the early Myst games.

You can step through The Secret Door here.


  1. I didn't have time to explore more, but I'll be back. I stepped into a church, then went outside to look around. Kind of creepy, but very cool.

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