Monday 2 November 2015

Machinations of the Dragon Wizard

By Benjamin Baugh - used with permission
So +Benjamin Baugh essentially won Halloween with his home-made Dragon Wizard costume. I'd been following Ben's making-of posts leading up to the big day and I think it turned out amazingly. So much so that it's given me some systemless gaming inspiration.

B'augh N'jamin, Dragon Wizard of the Iron Castle

Beyond the Frostward Forest stands the mighty Iron Castle where, alone, the Dragon Wizard B'augh N'jamin lives. He was not always a dragon - he was once a handsome prince from the Saranen Kingdom who was well known for his wealth and spending habits. However, he was also uncharitable and cared not for the poor and destitute.

One day he was approached by haggard old woman with one eye, who held out her hand and requested a single silver coin. B'augh refused the crone and told her to leave at once before going on with his day of spending.

The next day he was approached by the same woman who pleaded with him for a single silver coin. Again, the greedy prince denied her the money and went on spending.

On the third day the woman stopped the prince and asked once again for a silver piece. This time, when the prince denied her the money she uttered a curse on him that he would become the creature that he feared most. The prince laughed this off and went on his way.

The next morning, the prince woke up with a start. He noticed that his skin had become scaly, his nose had turned into a snout and smoke poured from his nostrils. He cried out, for he had become the thing he feared the most - a dragon.

Upon finding the transformed prince in his quarters, the queen commended her guards to drive him away. He fled the palace into the countryside with no hope of returning.

As he journeyed across the land, he came across a wise man with a long red beard and a pointed hat. The man did not fear the dragon prince and asked him to stay with him in his tree house. The strange man was a wizard, and over the years he taught the prince the ways of magic. Being an inherently magical creature, the dragon prince was easily able to become adept with magic.

However, the prince was still greedy with a black heart and wanted to be the most powerful wizard in the land. While the wizard slept, the prince devoured him with his large jaws and long sharp teeth.

The prince, now with the power of magic, created an Iron Castle in the countryside and resides in it to this day. He cast illusion spells all through the halls that confuse intruders by conjuring illusory versions of their loved ones. There are all sorts of tricks and traps in the Iron Castle, and nobody has been able to get to the prince to end his reign of terror on the land.


Body: Average
Mind: Excellent
Disposition: Poor
Spirit: Excellent

Skills: Illusory Magic (Excellent), Fire Breathing (Good), Trap Setting (Good)

Equipment: Gold Staff, 4000 gold coins, various potions, a talking snake.

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