Wednesday 11 November 2015

The Mountain Metropolis of Nerintir

Hewn into the very rock of the Shimmerstorm Mountains is a city unlike any other - Nerintir. The blue ice and ivory snow covers the stone buildings, giving the architecture a magical sheen that twinkles in the moonlight and blazes during the daytime.

Nerintir is the bastion of the northern world and home to the Princess Azraela, a beautiful and wicked woman with a reputation for murder and trickery. Not that anyone in the city would dare admit this out loud - if you were to ask about Azraela in the streets and taverns of Nerintir the citizens would only gush about her beauty through strained breath.

While she has a vile reputation, men and women from far and wide come to seek her hand in marriage. If one wanders into the royal gardens they would see skeletons hanging from the trees - the bodies of each of her suitors that were unable to answer the princess' riddle - one that if solved would cement the relationship.

Deep within the Shimmerstorm Mountains lives a great ogre called Grunthern, a mighty creature who dwells in a hall coated in gemstones, strange mushrooms and glow-worms that illuminate his abode. Unbeknownst to the people of Nerintir, Grunthern has enchanted Azraela with a charm that makes her love him unconditionally. Most nights the princess slips out of her chambers, mounts her cold drake and flies high into the mountains to the great door leading to the halls of Grunthern. There, Grunthern advises the princess of her next riddle and in return receives the eyes of her victims which he relishes in a soup.

Outside the city walls lurk all manner of creatures, from ice skinks and cold drakes to bray wolves and the fearsome blue goblins. There might even be a goddess prowling the wintery slopes of Shimmerstorm....

The Blue Goblins

A tribe of blue goblins make their home close to Nerintir, waylaying travellers by assaulting them on the backs of small drakes. They are able to bury themselves in snow for a prolonged period of time only to jump up and catch people unawares with spears in hand.

Body: Average
Mind: Average
Disposition: Abysmal 
Spirit: Fair

Attacks: Spear (Average)
Skills: Stealth (Average)

The blue goblin leader is Glippa Goot, a fiery lady with a eye for trinkets. She became the leader after removing the heart of the previous leader - as is the tradition in blue goblin tribes. Glippa and her tribe are mortal enemies of Grunthern, who sends out his wolf minions to fetch him one of his favourite foods - goblins!

The Frost Elf

There are rumours of a legendary elf woman who stalks the mountainside with a bow and arrow, hunting bears, wolves and even goblins. She is said to have raven black hair with a blue streak. Some travellers say they have seen her in the mountain mist, but as quick as she appeared she had gone. Some people say that she is the embodiment of the mountain, while others say that she is the goddess of the hunt,

Body: Excellent
Mind: Good
Disposition: Good
Spirit: Fair

Attacks: Shortbow (Excellent)
Skills: Read Magic (Good), Set Traps (Good), Illusion (Fair)


A vile beast with a mighty beard who stands 8 feet tall. He has large black eyes and a huge nose with two cavernous nostrils. Grunthern has a foul temper, but can easily charm people with his magic.

Body: Good
Mind: Good
Disposition: Abysmal
Spirit: Excellent

Attacks: Club (Good)
Skills: Enchant (Excellent)

Princess Azraela

Body: Fair
Mind: Excellent
Disposition: Abysmal (enchanted), Excellent (non-enchanted)
Spirit: Poor

Attacks: Dagger (Fair)
Skills: City knowledge (Excellent), Bluff (Excellent)

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