Friday 27 November 2015

Resurrection Complication Tables

Last night in my regular Pathfinder game we were  discussing repercussions to resurrections and what they should be. We were pretty much unanimous in our dislike for the raise dead rules had the PC gain 2 negative levels and also had the chance of losing a spell. However, we did think that there should be a negative side to coming back from the dead, either with a raise dead or a resurrection spell.

So, I've put together three tables. There are more mapped out for Pathfinder or D&D, but most effects with specific rules can be tweaked to whatever system you like.

The idea is that a recently resurrected PC will have a nasty disadvantage, a supernatural advantage (being sort of undead and all), as well as a way to cure both. Roll 1d6 on each table:


1. A demonic spirit has latched onto your soul. You must slake your bloodthirst on human flesh every 1d4 days.
2. You have recurring nightmares of the afterlife. Whenever you attempt to sleep, you have a 20% chance of staying awake the entire night.
3. Your body runs with black veins. You are vulnerable to necrotic damage
4. You have memory loss and are unable to use one random skill.
5. You have flashbacks at random points during combat. You have a 10% chance of missing an attack.
6. Your body is rotting. In 3d6 weeks it will have fully rotted away, leaving you dead.


1. You gain the ability to see perfectly in the dark
2. You gain +2 to perception when listening
3. You have an aura that does 1d4 necrotic damage to anyone within 5ft.
4. You are able to snuff out light within 40ft
5. You can scale a wall like a spider
6. The undead will only attack you if you provoke them


1. Killing a Lich while reciting a specified prayer
2. Eating the heart of an angel
3. Finding your soul fragment in the nether-realm
4. Making a potion from the eyes of a black dragon
5. Covering yourself in fresh royal blood
6. Ending the life of a loved one

If you want to be a little more hardcore, roll twice on disadvantages and once on advantages. Happy rezzing!

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