Wednesday 28 February 2018

Blazing Sands campaign diary #2 - why'd it have to be snakes?

So continues my latest Pathfinder campaign based on Arabian fantasy. 

So, yeah, our undercover heroes had made a fair blunder by pretending to be overt racists, and now the city guard were involved. If Younis had removed his human disguise, the captain would have recognised him and they'd have probably got away with it (Younis having once served under him). As it was, the three were escorted out of the opium den and banned for life. Of course, there was still the matter of this possibly being the meeting place of the Black Viper, so naturally they spent the day scoping the place out. Coming up empty handed, they called it a night, Razeem and Younis going to visit the scholar Dabir who was translating the words on the sandstone. When they arrived they found Dabir fucked up, his falcon nuzzling him. He'd been attacked by a group of humans who had wanted the information on the tablet. Basically, through hasty translation, the tablet tells of the location of a legendary lost city of Kafib that vanished three thousand years ago. There were rumours the sultan had gained access to a genie and grew greedy and tyrannical. Nothing else is known. Not only that, they were looking for the whereabouts of a genie binder - an insanely rare kind of magician. Dabir knew of one in the Ivory City - one who had escaped the same cult as the PCs Razeem and Amir.

Cut to later and the players were on their way across the desert to hunt these guys. On their way they ran into some giant scorpions and a group of serpentfolk slavers, who had slaughtered a bunch of nomadic Sunriders. Only one remained alive, but was too frightened to act. Within a giant dragon skull cowered a group of manacled slaves. The players made short work of three of the serpentfolk (a fireball did it) and when the last wanted to parlay (two PCs can speak Aklo) Amir simply skewered her face with his glaive, leading to some nice morality roleplay between the group.

They were led by Kiri the sunrider to their camp in a ruin before the Sunriders, impressed with their handling of the serpentfolk, began leading them to their next destination: The Ivory City.

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