Saturday 15 January 2022

Aubresque: The Champagne Collective

What does the very essence of life taste like? Perhaps I'll find out.

Madame Rouge is the leader of the The Champagne Collective, a secret society of socialites who maintain their youth by drinking champagne with the blood of the proletariat.

Located beneath the arches of the Rue Dragon, in the vast wine cellar belonging to the aristocrat Norman Auldes, The Champagne Collective meets on a blood moon. Madame Rouge takes the head of each victim and places them on a consecrated table. The blood drains from the neck onto white silk and is then wrung out into a champagne decanter. In order of hierarchy, from Madame Rouge, through to Madame Vert, the congregation sips the champagne and gives thanks to the blood moon for its gift of vitality. Members of the cult live for hundreds of years, and it is rumoured that Madame Rouge is over 1000 years old.

The ritual has the following effects:

* The participant will not age for another year

* The participant is healed of all wounds and afflictions

* The participant has +2 to Wisdom for the next week

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