Tuesday 4 January 2022

Skeleton Oak for Romance of the Perilous Land

A fat, ancient oak tree blasted through the middle by some unknown calamity, its gnarled branches extending outwards like bony claws. The Skeleton Oak grows only in so-called 'places of sacrifice', its hefty blackened roots thirsting for the blood soaked within the dirt. The twisted tree becomes the home of restless, malevolent spirits of the hungry dead who crawl from the sundered centre to feast on unfortunate wanderers. The fear oozing from the cracked bark is palpable, sending those who come close into cold sweats. On quiet nights they say you can hear the groaning of the dead as they writhe dreadfully within the tree's trunk.

Restless Spirit

HD5 (15)

HP 22


Atk: Vicious bite (melee), Chill breath (ranged, 15ft)

Damage: d8+5


- As long as the spirit is within 15ft of the Skeleton Oak it gains edge on attacks

- Mundane weapons do half damage, while magic weapons do d8 extra damage

Skeleton Oak

HD 6 (16)

HP 40

AP 10

Atk: None


- Any living creature within 15ft must save Vs Mind at the start of each turn or become restrained until the start of their next turn.

- As 2 actions the Oak may release a Restless Spirit (up to 10 in total)

- The oak cannot be burned

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