Thursday 20 January 2022

Quill scenario: So You Want to Join A Doomsday Cult?



You are a member of a sinister cult hell-bent on ending the world, but it's a real struggle to find new recruits. You've been trusted with creating a new pamphlet all about your, erm, religion in an effort to win new people to the cause. Also, there's something in the pit. Probably not worth going near that.

Rules of Correspondence:

Begin with 5 Lucidity. You may spend a Lucidity to automatically pass a test. At the end of your letter roll a die. If the score is below your current Lucidity, you are fine. If it's above, reduce your final points by 3. 

Create your character:

Throw together a character with Penmanship, Heart and Language. Assign the scores 1, 2 and 3. Alternatively, use the character options from Shadow & Ink. 

Ink Pot:

Glorious revival/ Painful death

Fun games/ Terrifying ordeals

Robes/ Bathrobes

Guest/ Sacrifice

Divine nectar/ Weak tea

Benevolent/ Clearly Evil

Enjoy/ Loathe

Tentacles/ Tentacles

Transformation/ Brainwashing

Chambers of the Holy House/ Ned's Cellar


Less than 5 points

This could be your greatest achievement to date, the finest writing ever put to paper. So why on earth have you been summoned to the Chamber? Probably to get some sort of accolade for cult marketing. It soon becomes apparent by the leagues of guard escorts that this may not be an entirely positive meeting. Ah, the Glorious Leader, they will put all this right. Wait, is that a knife? Oh, oh no. Into the pit you go. 

5-7 points

This may not have been your greatest work. Over the next month the cult gets a trickle of new recruits but, let's face it, they're not top-of-the-line. They just stand there at meetings, half-cut from the day session at the pub. Even the pit creature doesn't want to touch them and that thing's made of tangible regret. They come and go as easy sacrifices, but nothing more. Back to the drawing board. 

8-10 points

Sometimes you impress even yourself. A week after your fine pamphlet hits the dark corners of the city you get a flood of new recruits. Young, old, rich, poor - the whole works. Poor schmucks. The Glorious Leader is pleased as punch, so pleased that at the next cult luncheon you get a special name drop. Over time the cult grows and grows. Soon it will be time...

11+ points

Ah, so maybe you did TOO good a job. You find yourself elbow deep in recruits - a city block's worth in a few days. That thing in the pit is happy as Larry but the Glorious Leader looks perturbed. They speak to you in hushed tones (they've never spoken to you alone - this is big). Turns out that this unprecedented influx of new sacrifices has actually sped up the end of days by, oh, 500 years (accounting for leap years). That brings the end of the world to...2pm today. The Glorious Leader is sobbing, the thing in the pit is writhing. You back away and run out into the street as the clouds collapse. 

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