Sunday 9 January 2022

Aubresque: The Court of Sycophants


We are the infernal. Your vices are ours and ours yours.

The demoness Vestrenna is at the centre of the grand Court of Sycophants. The organisation is housed in the Yellow Bastille, once a fortification crafted by the Church, now a place of hedonism, vice, and occult. Members of the clergy pass through the oak doors nightly, escaping their chaste-fronted lives and delving into a world of excess and gratification. They fawn over Vestrenna, whom they call their Eternal Mistress, bringing her gifts of gold, trinkets and sacrifices.

Vestrenna has built a great network of Sycophants throughout Mon Parier – Hush Spies who recruit new Sycophants and destroy those who stand against the Court.

Vestrenna is in direct contact with the Horned One, Belenagoth, the Beast of the Wastes, the Black Star. When she first emerged into the world, her objective was to pull society into a web of vice, causing an end to civilization. But she found the task much more difficult than she anticipated. She set her sights on Mon Parier as a beginning point. Belenagoth chastises her for becoming distracted by the very hedonism she is supposed to be spreading. If she can't complete her task in the next decade, she will be destroyed.

Vestrenna, the Eternal Mistress, HD7, AC 3 (16), Atk Vile Spear (d8 + Poison), MV 120', SV as MU8.

If Vestrenna deals damage with her spear, the target must save vs poison or take an additional d6 damage.

Sycophantic Clergy HD3, AC 6 (13), Atk Flail (d8), MV 100', SV as F3.

Hush Spy HD4, AC 5 (14), Atk Rapier or Shortbow (d8), MV 120', SV as T4.

A Hush Spy gains AC-1 (+1)when fighting from the shadows.

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