Sunday 2 January 2022

Hagg Worm (Romance of the Perilous Land)

Hagg Worm

Location: Hutton, Norhaut

Travellers of the northern forests, particularly around the Radiant Wold, should keep their eyes firmly peeled for the wretched hagg worm. Large enough to devour a magpie in one gulp, these serpents are covered in a fine brown hair and they move with such speed that outrunning them is nigh on impossible. Their copper fangs can easily rend flesh and tear through armour and because they can dart up into tree branches they have been known to drop from above right onto their prey's heads. I've heard of cunning folk using hagg worm eggs as part of rituals to draw poison from wounds, but those they hire to find the eggs ask for a pretty penny to do so.

HD3 (TN13), HP13, AP1, AT Bite (d6+4), Special: The hagg worm moves at double normal speed and ignores difficult terrain. 

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