Wednesday 10 February 2010

Upcoming Adventure: Vaults of the Lich Lord

Andy Holmes, aka Boozer, is, in my humble yet factual opinion, one of the best T&T writers around. His solo and GM games are second to none and to top it off he's a really nice bloke.
So it excites me to see that he has a new GM adventure on the horizon called Vaults of the Lich Lord.

The Hobgoblin's Tavern website says:

Once again, a caravan of travellers has been slaughtered, caught unawares as it passed close to the Forest of Maugaral. Rumourmongers speak of Goblin raiding parties from their dungeon lair beneath the ancient and ruined Mausoleum of Vasarax, with Hobgoblin warriors waiting in ambush. Rewards have been posted throughout the land, with gold promised to be paid for every Goblin, Hobgoblin or Ogre head brought before the crown. Beneath the Mausoleum is a mighty dungeon, known to be the stronghold of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogres, and worse. At the very deepest point of the great dungeon, the tomb of Vasarax, ancient and malignant sorcerer, lies surrounded by earthly riches. However, the long-dead sorcerer is known to have become a Liche-Lord, still active despite being dead for centuries. It is said that whomever steps foot into his resting chamber will instantly die.

 So it is with determination and excitement that you prepare for the expedition to the desolate hill atop which squats the ancient and ruined Mausoleum of Vasarax, beneath which is the entrance to the dungeon known as the Vaults of the Liche-Lord. 

This is the largest and most exciting GM dungeon written by AR Holmes to date, and features maps by AR Holmes, fantastic cover art by UK artist Simon Lee Tranter and wonderfully evocative interior illustrations by USA based Jeff Freels.

This is a dungeon not to be missed.

Limited copies available.

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