Thursday 25 February 2010

Introducing Brungarr

Brungarr is a level 3 dwarvern warrior with one goal in life: loot the infamous Castle of Duke De'Ath. There is nothing he wants more than to become the richest and most powerful dwarf in all of Trollworld and will risk life and beard to attain his dream.

In this blog I will be documenting Brungarr's adventures so you can watch how he grows (or dies). Once he feels that he is strong enough he will enter the castle of the fabled duke and hopefully emerge victorious and filthy rich.

This is the state of Brungarr currently:

NAME: Brungarr
Level 3 Male Dwarf Warrior

Height: 4'4", Weight: 157 lbs.

ST: 30, IQ: 12, LK: 19
CON: 26, DEX: 12, CHR: 11
SPD: 11

Adds: 25, Missile Adds: 24 Armor: 50 AP: 4758

Broad axe - 4
Tower Shield
Plate armour
Full helm
Copper Bracelet

Wt. Possible: 3000, Wt. Carried: 1775.0
Dwarvish (native language)

Gold: 237 gp 47 sp 110cp

His next adventure maybe his last. Won't you join him on his journey?

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