Sunday 7 February 2010


So after the news about James Shipman's idiotic activity I don't really know what the future holds for the awesome Hobbit Hole. Although I hope it continues to exist and thrive, there is a successor on the horizon. Trollzine is a community effort that spawned from the Trollbridge forum and seeks to draw in ideas from the fans to create a free PDF download.

I'm excited to see Trollzine come to fruition and hope that it has a long and healthy life. Hey, maybe I'll submit an article or two to future issues. After looking at the content of the first issue and a good selection on features in the second issue I can say that the new publication will be stocked with great ideas and some wonderful solos.

It's great to see the community banding together, especially in such a turbulent time in T&T's history. It just goes to show that good games don't have to be money rakers, that a solid fanbase is all a game needs to survive. T&T has this fanbase.

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