Friday 26 February 2010

Solo Encounter: This Little Piggy

The latest in the solo encounter series of posts, pitting your character against foul enemies, deadly traps and the occasional yummy ham.

Suitable for delvers with 60+ personal adds.

The forest is quiet. Too quiet. No; even quieter than that. It's so quiet that the soft sound you make as you move through the undergrowth are deafening to your ears.

You have been tasked with tracking a terrible beast that has been terrorizing the small town of Razorback. Just a few days ago the tanner went on his morning stroll and never came back. He was the third person that month who had gone missing. Whispers of a strange beast began to weave around the little village, folks saying a demon of the forest is abroad, summoned by the legendary liche of the Ghania Forest. They say the sound of a bell can be heard when it draws near.

Snip. You feel a slight tug against your ankle. Make a L2 saving roll on LUCK or DEX, whichever is highest. If you make the save then you narrowly miss being caught by a falling barbed net. If you fail then you are entangled in the barbed net, taking 2d6 CON damage and you must make a L1 SR on IQ to throw the net off of yourself. Everytime you fail in this way you must take another 2d6 CON damage.

The tinkle of a small bell echoes through the once silent forest. Suddenly a giant raging pig comes charging at you out of the undergrowth. A L2SR on DEX will allow you to leap out of harm's way. If you fail then you are trampled for 2d6 CON damage.

The pig has a small golden bell tied around its fat neck.

Squealing Hamgiant MR 80.
Special abilities: Stomp - When Squealing Hamgiant rolls 3 sixes it does an extra 2d6 CON damage.

Treasure: Bell of Ridiculous Rage - When you roll three sixes when equipped around your neck you do extra CON damage equal to half your STRENGTH. However, you +3 levels whenever you need to make a saving roll to be stealthy.

You return to Razorback with a few rashers of bacon and hear the townspeople rejoice as you boast about how amazing you were in defeating the great pig beast. You are rewarded 300 gold by the mayor for your troubles.

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