Sunday 28 February 2010

Which edition do you play?

Tunnels and Trolls currently sits proudly on its 7th edition, with an extra .5 to iron out the creases. But unlike most other games T&T's editions aren't exactly clear cut, with an unofficial mythical 6th edition, two first editions (UK and US) and decimals stuck on 5th and 7th; there's certainly quite a bit to choose from.

The question is: which one do you play? I've seen a bunch of people subscribing to the neolithic 1st edition rules and one player creating a 4th edition campaign called The Dark Isles. When visiting forums I can see that there's a whole lot of love for 5th edition and even more for an amalgamation of 5th and 7th (which is the one I prefer).

So what do you play? Leave answers in the comment section.


  1. The Corgi Edition. Which is the 5th edition.

  2. Heck yes! I use that. Awesome Kirby artwork.

  3. Like you I play with a combination of the 5th and 7th edition rules. I like the talents system, new weapons and armor, and the speed and wizardry attributes (of course many of the new elements of 7th were in 5.5). I can do without the new character types and Kremm resistance however. Like most T&T players I include a lot of house rules. For example, in my solo adventures I use my own level/attribute advancement system.

    I am currently playing in a 1st edition campaign on Trollbridge and have found that the original rules are quite playable and enjoyable.

  4. I don't know who you are fellow TrollBridger, but your blog is super-cool.

    Though I flirted with the Mythical Sixth Edition for a time, I found I was going back to 5th ed. for more and more, so I play essentially what is 5th/5.5 with some bits from Mythical 6th and 7.5. (I love Talents as a concept, but not how they are btb, so I just assign a number of 'skill' -or Talent, whatever you like- points for each character Type and let the players assign them to whatever they wish. This is then added to any applicable attribute when a SR is called for.)
    I also stole the monster special abilities via Spite as one of the many ways to mechanically interpret various abilities of any given monster.

    Even with all my additions, the 'brute' core is still unabashedly 5th. In fact, I'd say that 5th with house rules IS, by definition, unabashedly 5th ed. :)

    -Eric (Mach Front from TrollBridge)

  5. 7th ed is my game, since I started my first campaign in 7th and my 5th ed game would be so severely houseruled it would turn into 7th ed.