Wednesday 17 February 2010

Solo Encounter: Goblin in the Machine

I had a little idea and thought I might as well run with it and see if you guys get a kick out of it. Basically I'm going to start posting up scenarios for your T&T solo characters to take part in, with different levels per encounter. Each scenario will generally depict a single room in a dungeon or perhaps a tricky situation you must get out of. If you succeed in the encounter then you will be rewarded exp and possibly treasure and magic items. However, be prepared for the eventuality of having your beloved character smushed all over the walls.

Goblin in the Machine
An encounter for a single first level character

Word had spread around the village of Blueberry that a band of goblins have been stealing scrap metal from around the village. A tankard would go missing here, a false tooth there, and it was starting to get a bit out of hand (the guards were having to make do with mops instead of swords). You have been asked by Lord Higglebottom to track down these foul creatures and retreave the stolen metal.
After battling through the Orctongue Caves you reach the final room where several goblins are trying out their newly forged plate armour by chucking spears at each others chests.

There are 4 goblins here (there were 5 a second ago, but due to a spear mishap, Grotnob Bluggar is slumped on the floor). Each has an MR of 10.

Roll a Level 1 SR on LK. If you pass then the goblins are too busy dodging spears to notice you draw upon them. Take a free attack against them.

Once they are dead you find a red healing potion on a table in the corner. This heals 1d6 CON.

Suddenly the south wall comes crashing down and a great mechanical beast enters the room, groaning and whirring. A goblin sporting some fetching goggles sits in the cockpit of the metal biped shouting obsceneties at you.

The Grimlock Burnwalker has MR 40 and a flamethrower that is activated on the roll of 2 or more sixes. This special attack does an extra d6 damage that can't be absorbed by armour.

If you manage to destroy the machine the pilot will climb out, groggily holding his head. He begs for his life and offers to give you a bracelet he stole and help you take all the metal back to Blueberry. The bracelet is magical and gives you +3 DEX when worn.

You gain 200 exp

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