Sunday 16 October 2011

Alternate rules for Talents {T&T}

Talents are a great little mechanic in 7.x Tunnels and Trolls that allow for interesting skills and roleplaying scenarios. However, with the delver gaining one automatically every level there is a chance that the new talent is either at odds with the character or it seems illogical to have it. An illiterate dwarf warrior probably wouldn't suit a talent in 'eloquent social engagement' and it would make no sense for a 'lucky gambler' talent to be gained by hobb ranger who keeps fumbling on luck elsewhere. 

An alternative to automatically gaining a new talent each level is that the GM weaves it into a quest as part of the character development. Does the combat mage want to learn the history of Khosht? Make provision within the campaign for her to go and spend some time studying it. Perhaps have them find a book about Khosht in a dungeon.

This method makes gaining talents more logical and more involving for the players.

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  1. I use the Heroquest approach. Directly quoting the HQ (2nd ed) rules:
    New abilities are provided as logical outgrowths of the plot [eg] Cybersoldier Jonathan "Psycho" Vallone inhales a dose of an alien drug and goes on a hallucinatory trip that grants him a sudden understanding of an arcane local philosophy, Rhomboidalism. To allow him to draw on this new insight, the Narrator gives him the ability Rhomboidalism 13.