Monday 17 October 2011

Why nerf the specialist ranger? {T&T}

I love the idea of specialist types like the badass combat mage and the even more badass paragon. However I've always found the ranger to be too powerful, with its ability to roll a first level saving roll no matter how far away the target is. 

This means that she can basically hang back and reign hell on all and sundry while everyone else is fighting for their lives in the fray. It removes the challenge faced by missile-users, essentially making the ranger a constant hitter.

I propose that specialists rangers keep their awesomeness but in a fairer way. Instead of everything being a level 1 SR, the ranger gets to roll one level lower than the specified roll. So if she is supposed to roll a level 3 SR, she instead rolls a level 2. Easy. It means there's still a challenge but also the ranger is far superior in ranged combat than anyone else.

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